Behaviour Modification

Specialist support for aggressive and reactive dogs

Some dogs require an extra level of support and training – and helping aggressive and reactive dogs through behaviour modification is one of my biggest specialities. 
I cover all of Essex and all of Kent, and will come to your home to work closely with your dog and make improvements in their behaviour you will notice week by week. I am happy to travel further for behaviour modification training for a small additional fee.
I’ve been working with aggressive and reactive dogs for over 6 years now, and my interest in dog overreactions all began when our family dog bit a family member when I was 15. I spent months researching dog psychology, trying to understand why dogs can bite out of the blue.
My studies taught me that aggressive and unpredictable behaviour in dogs does actually always have a cause – but sometimes we need specialist training to understand the signals that might have been triggering this behaviour in your dog.
My investigations as a teenager made me realise that we had been ignoring the warning signals that every dog gives, and actually making it worse by actively punishing his attempt to warn us that he felt triggered. Bonzo, our Japanese Akita, had made it perfectly clear for years that he was actively ‘Resource Guarding’ family members, and Akitas are known for this protective instinct.

Now, I grew up with a family who believed you should punish a dog for growling and exhibiting aggressive bevaviour, and that dogs should have their nose rubbed in the mess they made in the house. It wasn’t until I started studying dog behaviour after this family incident that I learned there are much better ways to effectively teach or correct a behaviour, and my fascinating with dog training took root.
Consultations for behaviour modification are around 2 hours long.
These take place in your home, and they are my opportunity to make a comprehensive study of your dog and their lifestyle, and I make a plan that suits you and your dog.
One size does not fit all with dog training, and the way I do behaviour modification means it is perfectly tailored to your dog and their behaviour, and that I really get to know them and gain their trust.

I work with an array of stooge dogs and people post consultation to set up real life scenarios to quicken up the process.

After your consultation, you will receive a detailed email explaining all the steps we are going to take to train your dog. I also provided continuing back up support via email to make sure everything is running smoothly, and that you can call on me if you need it.

I offer a standard price for the consultation session - please get in touch to discuss this.
Follow-on sessions are discounted by 10% if you book two or more together.

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