I could not recommend Charly enough! She has been a huge help with our reactive boy Ollie. With Charly's continued support and advice, he is making a vast improvement. She has also supported us through a change in Ollie's diet as he had been struggling with digestion issues and it was difficult to get him to eat, he now seems much happier and healthier for it. Charly is very knowledgeable and is always on hand for help and advice, nothing seems too much trouble. She has been fantastic and Ollie is always very excited to see her.

EJ Hill

Went to an ask the trainer event with Charly at Footfalls the other evening. Very informative and would thoroughly recommend, if and when other events become available. Charly made sure everyone’s questions were answered, lots of refreshments, met some lovely dogs and went home with a goody bag.

J Butcher
Charly is fantastic - My dog is over excitable for want of a better word.
Jumping up at people, pulling on lead, counter surfing, cat chasing, puppy mouthing, poor recall, separation anxiety. You name my dog had it - working regularly with Charly has helped me understand my dogs breed and her behaviours and has given me the confidence I needed to help my dog become the lovable dog she is today without breaking any of her exuberant spirit. Highly recommended
Tade Victoria

I've known Charly for a while and been able to use her advice with numerous bogs. giving advice to people that are at wits end and about to give up.

In March this year I took on a rescue myself and have been having some issues mostly with anxiety and stress. I was getting to my wits end as all the normal training that I have used over the years wasn't working. Charly took her time and gave me a large amount of advice. coming to see us and going through things.
I have gone from being scared to take her anywhere to the point where today she has been to a dog rescue show and even won a few of the meddles on the day. she no longer wants to get hold of every dog. or scare everyone away from her. she is now a big happy part of my family. We still have a lot of work to do and will be in constant contact with Charly. something I feel is very worthwhile.
I would recommend this young lady to anyone. she is very approachable. easy to talk to. knows what she is talking about. and I think it says it all. when the dogs get excited they are going to see the trainer.

Craig Martin

Haven't met Charly but we have spoken over the phone and on PM about my rescue boy and his fear aggression issues towards my bitches and sometimes myself...the advice given and the ongoing support is issue however trivial is ever too much lady and highly recommended xx

Emily Rose

Been having sessions with charly for a while. She has had to work on getting my dog to a better less anxious place indoors and now the real work begins outside. My dog is highly anxious and nervous and was taken away from his mum about 4 weeks I think. I have had various trainers/ behavourist but nobody that I liked and trusted or let me down. Charly has been a godsend in every sense and been consistent with my boy. She has taught me so much and I know it's going to be a long process in getting him to a better place but who better than charly to help me.

Karen Foster

I first came to Charly as my puppy is a resource guarder. Charly guided me through managing this behaviour as well as pointing out the mistakes I had been making that increased his guarding.
I have been working with Charly ever since and today have focussed on “settling”. Slow and steady steps with my pup, but Charly’s support and guidance is keeping us on track

Natalie Louise

A massive thankyou to Charly and Loki for all their help after some issues with narkiness around other dogs. Im getting my confidence back, as is Lulu and we're enjoying our walks so much more. Seeing her making good choices and enjoying the company of other dogs is massive and i couldnt be happier. Still work to do but with Charlys support and guidance it suddenly seems doable

Mary Kamukwamba

My team at FootFalls canine physiotherapy received a fantastic behaviour presentation and question and answer session from Charly this morning, she was professional, approachable and made the session interactive and all staff found the session helpful and feel they gained relevant and useful information. Thank you so much for spending the time with us and we look forward to be able to help our clients and their dogs.

Katherine Dawn Parsons, Footfalls Canine Physiotherapy Services

I have a stranger and dog reactive 4 year old Bulldog Bitch, she was a rescue and not a whole lot was known about her.

I contacted Charly to see if she could offer some further advice to what I had already been working on. Charly has given me all the skills, methods, tools and training advice to help Bella overcome her anxieties.
Charly enlightened me that I was the one who needed the most confidence with handling Bella and she would work with me. After only one session, Bella is so switched on and is making progress already, I’m feeling very positive.
I would highly recommend Charly to anyone, she is fantastic at what she does and helps owners as well as their dogs.
Very happy pooch and owner, the good work continues!

Abi Neave

My dog, Ghost, isn't great with people so I called Charly to see if she could help. I have never seen my dog become so friendly to a stranger so quickly! Charly really knows her stuff and I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks again!

Ryan Hawkes

After only one session of training with my boy Django, Charly has restored my faith and confidence in him. Wonderful lady, I would highly recommend her.

Louise Targett

Very helpful and understanding of both us and the dog considering we have talked to so many other dog trainers Charlie was the only one willing to help , would highly recommend to anyone!!

Stacy Emery

We have a very reactive 5year old rescue Rottweiler. We've only had him for about 8 months but that whole 8 months we have really been struggling to get his focus out on walks. He's a very sensitive boy and very reactive out on walks. We hated walking him and we started to loose hope! We got recommended Charly by a friend. We've only had a consult with Charly so far but she was extremely thorough and has shown us that we can actually have an enjoyable walk with homer and how to do so. We're so proud of homer and couldn't be more thankful for Charlys help! I never thought we would be able to walk homer with relaxed lead and she's proved we can. Homers beginning to enjoy himself outside and relax. It's so lovely to see. Would highly recommend Charly to anyone!!

Danielle Jade White.

When our daughter got a Westie puppy we went to Charly to sort out our 8yr old Westie Mollie who didn't tolerate other dogs at all. One month later our daughter and Bear spent the whole weekend and with us and we walk them together most days.....amazing change! Thanks soooo much Charly

Jayne Gilmore

Lily was reactive and on a very restricted diet. We have changed her diet on Charlys advice and are putting a training plan into action. Lily is a different dog! I can't recommend Charly enough

Pamela Sweeting

Been going for the last 4 weeks really enjoying it soo far mojo has made massive improvement and doing really well would highly recomend charly

Richard Baker

Charly is my life saver. We got Ralph a wheaten terroir at 8 weeks old.
Charly came round to meet us straight away and asked us what we wanted from Ralph.
Charly put a realistic plan together for us and Ralph.
She came weekly to make sure we was getting on with the plan and teach us something new.
Charly would always answer my calls or text when I wasn't sure if I was doing it right (believe me this was a lot but she never got annoyed with me constantly calling her)
Charly is excellent and we highly recommend her. Charly has also helped us with the bumps we have had along the way with Ralph.
Ralph is now 9 months old and we still see Charly on a regular basis to keep us on track.
As much as we love Charly, Ralph loves his auntie Charly the most!
Well done Charly excellent service and awesome person, really knows her stuff.

Joanne Lintott

As complete puppy novices we wanted our puppy Toby to have training, we found it difficult to find classes to fit in with us until we read about Charly on Facebook. We had our consultation and booked the course. Charly was absolutely great with Toby & very understanding with us!!! Always had great support & advice and would recommend her to everyone. Toby loves her visits so much we booked a further course.

Lynne Osborne