Welcome to Dog Training With Charly

My name is Charly, and I’ve been training dogs and working with families for over a decade. I love using my experience and specialist knowledge to encourage positive behaviour in your doggy that benefits your home life.

I’m a qualified behaviourist who specialises in Aggression and Reactivity. I’m a full member and was qualified to train with the OCN via the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers), a fantastic organisation for dog training education. I am a LIMA-style trainer (Least Invasive Minimally Aversive). I am also accredited to the PPG (Pet Professional Guild).

Many of my clients referrals come directly from local vets after many successful occasions working with ‘difficult’ dogs and training them to become much less aggressive. These are dogs with behaviour that often created problems and safety issues for their owners, who now exhibit much calmer behaviour and have been trained to socialise properly.

With over 11 years of training dogs, I spend a lot of my time staying up-to-date with the latest studies and findings in this constantly developing field. I also update my knowledge with regular CPD courses to make sure everything I offer is backed up by the latest science-based advice.

No matter what your dog-related issue is, I can help. Whether you need help finding the right rescue dog or puppy for your family, obedience training, or behaviour modification - I can create a tailor-made plan for you and your dog that helps your beloved pet fit in perfectly with your family environment.

My ethos as a dog trainer follows the LIMA style of training - Least Invasive, Minimally Aversive. This is a style of training that has a very humane and effective set of principles at its core, considering the dog’s wellbeing in every aspect. Using quadrants of learning from the LIMA school, dogs can be taught variations of different behaviours, and unwanted behaviours can be corrected.

In dog training, we change up the rates and types of reinforcements at different points in our plan to obtain the best results. Reward-based training isn’t all about just giving your dog treats. We time the reward system precisely so your dog starts to associate the behaviour we want with the stimuli of the treat, build a conditioned emotional response that means good behaviour overall.

This system works in dogs who are especially reactive or aggressive, as over time we change their emotional connection to whatever their trigger might be. This works to retrain the way dogs react to other dogs, children, traffic, cats, or livestock.

My philosophy on dog training is positive, science-based and effective - I like to leave every client knowing I have done no harm to their dog neither emotionally or physically.

The ‘Do No Harm’ principle is one of the reasons I chose LIMA style training over the years. The system I work with is all about positively encouraging the behaviour we want in your dog, rather than punishing the behaviour we don’t want and simply creating more negative associations in your pet. Not only is this way of doing things much better for the wellbeing of your dog, it’s also backed up by animal behaviourial science as the most effective training style.

Contact me today to find out how my training could help your doggy.